Healing Stories & Testimonials

I recommend this class to anyone who is searching for guidance and love. How I ended up in this class was by direction entirely. I live in Iowa and was going through a rough grief period and had plans to come to Texas to see my cousin in January. In December, I was having a Reiki session when I heard someone say in my head, “you are going to Texas; take some energy classes.” I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and had thought about other classes in other modalities. I got off the table and checked the computer for energy classes in Burleson, Texas. Carol Lee’s info came up, and I thought I would consider it. Next, my cousin sent me a packet of flyers she picked up at the Holistic Fair, and in the package was Carol Lee’s flyer on Angels and Quantum-Touch. I decided the universe did not need to hit me over the head to get the information, so I contacted Carol Lee and signed up for her Quantum-Touch class.

After I arrived in Texas, I contacted Carol Lee to have a session with her. During our session, she mentioned “Gathering of Angels workshop” was scheduled for the following weekend. I decided to attended the course.

The class was excellent, after I found out who was on my God Team, many questions were answer. Whenever I do a Reiki session, I always sense an Angel presence but never questioned who it was or why, I just accepted that the Angel was there. Once I had its name, I decided to see how it would work. After class, I have a Reiki session with my cousin’s husband who just came home from surgery. I asked my Angel to assist me in the session and I immediately felt the energy amp up 10 fold. I felt I was totally grounded but my body felt so warm I wondered if I was going to melt into the floor. The experience was absolutely the most loving and caring session I have had.

Every day I do mediation with my God Team and use the prayers Carol Lee gave in class. It is a wonderful feeling to know every day they are with me guiding me and I am following my true path for my life in this time.

Carol Lee is kind, gentle, loving and fun teacher and is there for you every step of the class.

Many thanks to Carol Lee,

The Gathering of Angels Course has helped me to focus and hone my intuitive connection. Carol helped me identify my own guide/god team and how they each communicate with me. She allowed me to get the messages myself… in a world full of people telling you what they see/know about you, this is worth its weight in gold. She also helped me to realize what I already do, for me that it writing, has been connecting with my God Team all along.

-Cathy Marshall
Carol Lee is a profound influence in my life. With her many and varied gifts, she has been instrumental in leading the way for me to find and follow my spiritual path. At a time when I was spiritually and physically floundering and unsure, Spirit provided me the answer in Carol.
Her knowledge and skills using Quantum-Touch, along with other complimentary methodologies, has provided enlightenment, spiritual peace and an inspirational role model for me.
I value and treasure my experiences with Carol and know that she was put forth to me as a ‘teacher’ when I was ready to learn. I value both her friendship and her skills. Without Carol’s influence and knowledge, I would still be at the beginning of the road seeking what I didn’t know existed!

Respectfully submitted,

Lorene L., Baltimore, MD
Hi Carol,
I just wanted to thank you for presenting such important work to us and our group this weekend. It has taken a day or so for us to begin to process the frequencies the angels have given us.

Wow!! Rick and I have been blown away. They have definitely been working on us. What an extraordinary experience we had and are having, especially Rick. He has been connecting with Ashtar and Padre Pio quite a bit. I have been connecting with my Guardian Angel and she is slowly integrating more frequencies in me.

There are no words to express how grateful we are to have you as part of our lives. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the work.

We send you lots of love and hugs.

Paula & Rick (Quantum-Touch Instructors)
Hi Carol,

I trust the angels got you home safely. What an incredible week it has been. Between the monumental healing given to my brother, the incredible weekend workshop filled with healing, Cristina’s breakthrough, Rick’s trauma healing, Annamaria’s healing, and let’s not forget our friend Debbie… That healing tops them all.
Boy the angels kept you busy this time around. We really shared a lot over the past few days.
It was a beautiful experience to get to know each other better. We are so grateful to have you in our lives. Thank you for all of the tremendous healing you so unconditionally gave of yourself to my family. You are a tremendous soul that I am so honored to call my friend. I wish to instill all of the loving generosity that you have shared with me/us with others. As you did with us, we will pay it forward with others in your honor.
Thank you Carol for being such a light bearer of love and integrity. Your light will always shine through us onto others. We look forward to more beautiful moments together.

In Love & Healing White Light,

Paula, Rick, Annamaria, & Cristina
Dearest Carol,
Thank you from the bottom of my grounded tree roots for the precious gift you have passed on to me. I am having so much fun with my Angels!! It is truly changing my life AND I have helped quite a few of my patients meet one or more of their Angels. They are all getting clear and exciting awareness of the Love and support available to them. My life right now is crazy busy, yet I don’t feel the frenzy anymore…I feel calm and guided and focused on what is in front of me for the moment. Somehow, I am getting more done than ever without feeling stressed. I stay in constant contact with my God Team, and we are having a blast. I have been using the triangle to assist others as you suggested too….my God Team to their God Team. I have not felt the same energy drain like I used to.
It was such a pleasure to meet you and the others in the group…what a Blessing!!
Thank you so much!

Kim (Dentist in Florida)
Hi Carol,
Just wanted to let you know how much I loved the Healing with the Angels class. It was amazing!! Despite heavy workload yesterday due to being out for a meeting today, I felt light and energized and found myself doing my chakra work and staying connected to my God Team more consistently than I ever have in the past. My awareness of energy and the angels increased by leaps during the class, and this feels like something I will stick with and use all the time.

Thanks to you and your God Team for bringing this class to the world. Its time has clearly come. I’ll keep you posted on results as I use it at work and elsewhere.

I had so much fun and learned so much too. Thanks for being such a great teacher. Our friend in the hospital that was unconscious had woken up yesterday towards the end of our class.

Sammy, Student
Dear Carol,
Thank you so much for class this past weekend. It was a profound weekend. I respect the work that you do and the way you encourage us to listen, trust and do.
Thank you for your love and healing when I was having my releasing experience. It is very much appreciated.

I feel changed from this weekend and am still integrating.
Thank you again,

I look forward to working together in the future.