Healing Stories & Testimonials

Quantum-Touch Level 1 & 2

Dear Carol. I cannot thank you enough for all that you shared with us in QTH Level 1 and 2.

I was divinely guided to find you. Before I had time to think, or research you or your work, my inner voice urged me to sign up for your workshop. That is so unlike me. Plus, I have such a busy schedule already. But I am so glad that I followed this inner voice!

In a deep prayer meditation a couple of months ago, I asked for help and guidance so that I could get to know this beautiful soul family that revealed itself to me last year. They are called “The Pure of Heart”. My wish is to get to know them and feel their presence. I think it was them that led me to you!

What an unexpected treasure cove of knowledge and loving support did I find in your workshop! It was a true eye opening (and heart opening) experience, too. Learning to trust my intuition, to let go of my feelings of unworthiness, learning new techniques to grow my heart field energy, learning to trust my inner vision, knowing that I can be true and vulnerable inside our group.

And that big aha moment….I don’t have to be in complete charge of the healing process. I bring in my heart, intention, focus, breath, and let my healing team take over and guide me. What a sweet relief and empowering experience!

Thank you for creating that high vibrational space for us students, so we could lean into and entrain with it! Thank you for your gift of impeccable intuitive ability…and for sharing your heart!

So happy to have found you, Carol. Looking forward to learning and blossoming with your wonderful guidance.

Feel free to share any of this in your newsletter.

with love and gratitude,


Quantum-Touch Level 1 & 2

Dear Carol,

I wanted to say….

Thank you!

I love and appreciate you so very much. You’re so kind, loving and selfless and go above and beyond for us.

I can’t imagine how exhausting a weekend long course like this must be for you to hold energy for all of us. It doesn’t go unnoticed or taken for granted. I really enjoyed our class this weekend. I learn so very much from you every time we talk.

Thank you for all that you do. I can’t begin to express the positive changes taking place in my life, my son’s life, and Cody’s life thanks to what I’m learning from you.

You are such a wonderful gift from God, and I thank him so much for you.

I hope you have a very restful evening and week.


Gathering of Angels: Psychic Surgery and Headache Healing

The last “Gathering of Angels” workshop I attended was an unusual one. Most of us in the class were repeating the course, and the angels had much more practical application in mind when it came to showing what they can do to help us heal.

Near the end of the workshop, Carol asked if someone had a headache. I thought, “I always have a headache.” No one else was speaking up, so I thought this must be for me. I sat in my chair while Carol and my classmates worked on me. Carol found that a 22-foot beam was sticking out of my head. It was an injury from another lifetime that managed to metaphysically stick with me. As she slowly worked her way from the end of the beam toward my head, I could literally and physically feel pain. When she went too fast, I had to ask her to slow down. When she worked slowly, it was painful, but tolerable.


Quantum-Touch® Level 1 Workshop

Thank you! And thank you for a most amazing weekend. I learned so much and feel now that I can trust my intuition more. Looking forward to level 2! Now I know why my soul family brought me to you. 💝

DN, Florida

Quantum-Touch® Level 2 Workshop

Guess what happened today! I used one of the techniques I learned in Quantum Touch Level 2 on a coworker while at the office. She was asking me about the class, and how it went, so I was telling her how if the Sphenoid bone in the skull was out of alignment, the pelvis would not be able to stay in alignment. She said she had a hip that was bothering her, and she couldn’t get it in line. She was sitting down and so I used Intention and Attention and after 3 slow breaths asked her how she felt. She jumped of the chair and said “It’s gone! The pain in my hip is gone!” Then she ran around the office giggling and laughing! She came running back to me and told me she knows that her horses’ pelvis is out and asked me to work on her horse! She is a professional barrel racer and has been unable to get her horse out of pain. I am so excited to be able to work on my first horse tomorrow using these amazing techniques! Thank you, Carol!

Can’t wait to watch her horse reactions! This is going to be amazing!

Thank you for sharing! This work is so profound!
Susan keeps us posted on your next session, you know horses have a lot to say, so listen closely

Yes, they do! And her owner says she talks to her all the time! She will have so much to teach me!

So, yesterday was amazing! I ran energy on 3 horses and talked with a 4th. Wow! It felt so very wonderful! The energy was so different than what I run in people. It was fluid, soft, and silky. There were no barriers, no resistance. Each horse had her own personality. One mare I dreamed of the night before, so she was expecting me because we had already been talking. She was relaxed and showed me everything she needed. The other mare was a worrier. You could see the worry in her eyes. She took a moment to understand what was going on, but then was very responsive to the energy. She stayed with me even though the barn help was feeding the other horses, and even handed me her leg to stretch out for her. Her eyes were soft when we were done. The next horse, Turtle, and I just talked. She was retired from professional barrel racing, and her owner wanted to know if Turtle wanted to go live with a family with small children that loved her and wanted her, and if Turtle would feel that her owner was abandoning her if she did sell her to the family. Turtle said that she had loved her life with her owner, loved barrel racing, and knew that her owner loved her very much. Turtle had only one regret and that was never having babies. She wanted to go live with the children and raise them and guide them and watch over them. She was waiting for her owner to be ready to let her go. The last horse I talked with was happy, happy, happy! She had injured her foot and it was never really decided what was wrong. When I asked her what happened, she said she didn’t want to talk about it, she had done something stupid, and she was embarrassed. She was ready to go back to work because knew she was pretty and looked her best this was an amazing experience! I never would have had it if it hadn’t been for you two. Thank you! Angel Blessings!

When doing a QT session, I experience so much love and joy I almost don’t know why I am being thanked with tears of gratitude for the help that someone has received. I have been moved beyond anything I could have imagined. May I never lose the awe I experience. Thank you to my Angels and God for this amazing journey!

Thank you Carol Lee from the bottom of my heart!


Quantum-Touch® Level 2 Workshop

Hi Carol,

Thank you for a fabulous weekend of Quantum Touch Level 2. Today I am vibrant ,happy ,open and truly alive.

I have been singing these words all morning to the tune of the Wizard of Oz song ( follow the yellow brick road)

I am a channel for love, I am a channel for love, I am a, I am a , I am a, I am a, I am a channel for Love! So happy and free and ready to move into my Quantum Touch practice. Thank you for a wonderful weekend!

Love and Light


Just a big note of gratitude for the class! Wow, I am still trying to soak it all in! What an amazing experience. I also wanted to let you know that when I was telling you about the pendulum and my uses, I didn’t want you to think I was questioning your knowledge. I was trying to figure it out in my head because I have used it this way for many years but never with charts. So, I started using it with emotion code because I had not perfected my muscle testing and for that you only get yes and no answers. Also have used it to balance chakras and some of the techniques to transmute energies that Raymon Grace uses which is just spinning in a circle. I have several charts that I have never used and maybe, therefore.
Many Blessings to you and your family


Quantum-Touch Testimonials
Discovering Quantum-Touch For A Medical Practice

Part 1

I am an Interventional Cardiologist—the type of physician that provides stints and other procedures for people who have had heart attacks or other heart problems. So—you wonder—what is a Cardiologist doing learning Quantum-Touch and other energy medicine techniques. Actually, quite a lot.

My grandfather was a General Practitioner in Katy, Texas where I grew up. I enjoyed being in his office, seeing the medical instruments and watching him interact with his patients in a kind and caring manner. This gave me the idea to become a physician. When I went to college, I got degrees in both Biology and Psychology because I was interested in how the mind works and how the body and mind influence each other.

During medical school at the University of Texas San Antonio I became fascinated with Internal Medicine. This specialty was like being a detective, a Sherlock Holmes. It required figuring out what was going on, thinking and analyzing the visible facts and not so visible facts. It was a process of seeing the whole forest instead of individual trees. I really enjoyed that. Initially I hadn’t planned to become a Cardiologist, but it fit my personality of problem solving and yet getting quick results. For example, if you provide an open artery, the patient gets immediate relief. While doing my training in Cardiology, I became interested in exploring other intellectual ideas such as healing. I started training in energy medicine; however, I was busy establishing my practice and was not able to continue.

Now I have full responsibility for my practice, and no one is looking over my shoulder. Recently on Facebook, my energy medicine mentor mentioned chronic pain and Quantum-Touch. It only took a few minutes to goggle, find Carol Lee, a Quantum-Touch Instructor, Level 1 and 2. As the saying goes, “the rest is history.” Now after two Level 1 workshops and one Level 2 workshop, I am applying the Quantum-Touch principles in my practice on a regular basis.

What I have learned is that with energy medicine there are different routes to healing, but none is superior to another. Quantum-Touch is a way to get good results. The biggest take home for me is that Quantum-Touch really does work. When I am faced with an emergency, it doesn’t take the place of what I do, but enhances my ability to take care of patients and that’s what I love.

Great workshops which I thoroughly enjoyed! Great Instructor!

Joshua Jacobi, M.D.