Carol Lee

Carol unites all of her skills as a Professional Spiritual Consultant, Educator and Practitioner of energy-based modalities and working with the unseen in her diverse private sessions. The client determines the intention of the session; therefore, each session is uniquely different and divinely inspired.

Download Carol’s Client Intake Form here:

Client Intake Form (Word document): click here

Client Intake Form (PDF document): click here


Englewood, Florida
Dates/times: by appointment
Offering: Our session can include a multitude of Energetic issues and approaches for House Cleanings and Blessings, Land, Your Pets or Unusual or Unexplained Experiences
Location: to be determined locally


Virtual from Rotonda West, Florida
Dates/times: ongoing by appointment
Offering: Angel Readings & Energy Healing Sessions
Location: Virtual via Zoom
Local Coordinator: Carol Lee, 817-879-7320,


  • Spiritual Consultation
  • Angel Therapy
  • Quantum-Touch
  • Healing Touch
  • Reiki sessions
  • Access Consciousness (Bars Session)
  • Advanced Energy Medicine Assessment & Treatment Plan
  • Distant Healing (phone or remote)
  • Animals (large or small animals, healing or reading sessions available)
  • Spiritual house and land clearing (local or distant – determined by Guidance)
  • Mentoring


What to expect in your first in-person Energy Healing Session:

Your first appointment with Carol is a 2 hour session designed for the client’s specific requests, goals and desires. The first session is all encompassing; you will fill out a Client Intake form, discuss your current life situation and health issues in order to provide you with tools, techniques and skills to assist in accomplishing your goals.

During your session, Carol will be guided intuitively to utilize all her skills to access information which your body, mind or spirit will respond to naturally. By activating your own healing wisdom on cellular level this allows your body to heal itself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Through this process you will gain insights and clarity and soon feel empowered and renewed. After your first session you will feel more relaxed, more peaceful and balanced. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s highly effective.

First Time/New Clients: $150.00
Returning Clients: $125.00


What to expect in your first distant Energy Healing Session:

We set up a phone consult or arranged by email to discuss your goals, issues, and desires and schedule a time to do your sessions. Once the distant session is scheduled you will receive a PayPal request of the agreed amount for your session either by phone for one hour.  This time request and intake is paid before the session time in order to ensure the perfect session and time zone.

The first session is all encompassing; you will fill out a Client Intake form, (via email) discuss your current life situation and health issues in order for Carol to provide you with tools, techniques and skills to assist in accomplishing your goals. She receives information for your very Highest and Best and will act with integrity, discernment and for the Greater Good of Mankind, to the best of her understanding.

We then communicate via email to discuss benefits, changes, and recommendations.

One hour session by phone (you will call Carol at 817-879-7320).

First Time/New Clients: $150.00
Returning Clients: $125.00

House/Business or Land Clearing and Blessings

House, business or land clearing can be done distantly, the first session is all encompassing; you will fill out a Client Intake form, (via email). We will discuss your current situation and the reason for your concerns along with any mental, physical or spiritual health issues you think are being affected in order to provide you with tools, techniques and skills to assist in accomplishing your goals.

Spiritual Activity or Energies of Disharmony

When the energy flow in your home or business feels dense, stagnant, heaving or confusing, it affects the entire household, business or land and all who are at that location. Stagnant Energy can stick to walls, floors, and furniture and can make people feel uncomfortable in their own home. Spiritual Activity, discarnate energy and lower vibrational energies left behind can and does cause spiritual disharmony.

These energies can affect the sale of a house or property, the success of a business especially if the prior business was not successful and you have entered a space that has the energy of an unsuccessful business. By using specific techniques, Carol and her Team of Angels are guided clear away the old energies that are possibly causing disharmony or discord in a dwelling and create a clean energy space for your endeavors to take place.

It is very important to remember, any time we remove anything we must bless it (and the host) – restoring love, peace, balance and harmony.

Fee: $300.00

* Note: Pricing may vary depending on the energetic assessment, spiritual activity, and square footage of the space. Traveling expenses are not included.

Payments, Cancellation & Professional Courtesies 

Methods of Payment: Cash, Check, Money Order and Pay Pal are accepted forms of payment.

Cancellation Policy:As a courtesy, a 24 hour advance notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment as we have set aside that personal time for you. We understand that sometimes life happens and will grant the first time short notice cancellation a pardon, but any additional cancellations without 24 hour notice, you will be required to pay the full cost of the session. We appreciate your courtesy and understanding in this matter.


The techniques, procedures and ideas implemented in my sessions are not intended as medical advice, nor are they intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a trained health care professional. Consult your physician regarding any condition that may require medical attention.

Carol Lee on Quantum-Touch Radio!

Quantum-Touch Session with Sam (MS)

Carol Lee offered to give a student’s husband a brief session during their lunch break (a café session) on the second day of a Quantum-Touch Level 2 workshop. Please take a look at the unedited video taken by Celeste Feingold, a Quantum-Touch Instructor from Springdale, Ohio, who was visiting the class. You will hear Carol’s conversation with Sam and her Quantum-Touch exaggerated breath in this session.