Healing Quantum-Lee

HQL offers introductory to advanced education and workshops in the field of Energy Medicine, spiritual growth and embraces health and wellness. Empowering and inspiring people to break free from a “safety zone” and step into a more purposeful, powerful; passionate you…a more enlightened you!

Healing and spiritual growth is an evolutionary process like a flower unfolding its petals. How you view yourself, how you talk to yourself, what you believe you deserve and how you treat yourself every day can hold you back from aligning to a more authentic expression of yourself. The essence to transform your life always lies within you and it is my passion to assist in unlocking this powerful essence as we embrace the Mind, Body and Spirit!

Divine love, through me blesses and multiplies all that I have, all that I give, and all that I receive and I am grateful.

Carol Lee

I am a life-long learner that continues to contribute to the field of energy medicine and bring new knowledge into both the classroom and my community. Being considered as one of the top energy medicine practitioners in my discipline with over 20 years experience, I am continually sharing with gratitude and ah!

I was becoming a spiritual healer and teacher began before I was consciously aware of it. My life has offered me many opportunities to heal myself and grow; some of these experiences have altered my life forever on a grand scale. Others were little pearls that gave me the opportunity to reflect upon what was really important, gain wisdom of what should be held and what should be released.

“Who am I really” were fleeting thoughts that seemed to flow through my head as if God was speaking to me, encouraging self exploration and leading me to return to who I am now. Even as a small child, I understood a deeper connection with people and what they were saying or feeling.  I could sense their physical or emotional pain and could see how their thoughts impacted their life but at the time I did not understand this concept; that did not happen until much late in my life. Although, I did understand that I had the ability to encourage others in whatever they aspired to do.

A Near Death Experience (NDE) where Angels took me to Jesus was one of the experiences that changed my life forever. Master Jesus shared information with me about healing and helping others and specific knowledge about God’s Angels. In time, that message and information slowly integrated into my being. I discovered I have a natural ability to help others in many ways simultaneously. I began to study this phenomenon called Energy Medicine and working with the unseen at the advice of my medical doctor who said, “You are a channel”.

Following her suggestion, and guidance from God and my Angels that I could hear whispering to me, Healing Quantum-Lee was being created. It took strength, discipline and trust as I dedicated my life to learning and assisting others spiritually. I created a safe and sacred space where people came for healing. My spiritual enhancement sessions are structured to assist in guiding clients to consciously connect with their own inner wisdom, guidance and intuition.

Through energy work, understanding my life experiences and sharing my gifts, I was able to reclaim a more authentic expression of myself.

Today, I work with my God Team of Angels assigned by God in this migration and Enlightened Beings to create a space of non-judgment and unconditional love for people to transform their core heart issues in this lifetime so they can align with the heart of their Soul.

Carol Lee on LA Talk Radio: Interview

Listen to Carol’s interview from May 31st, 2016 and learn about her inspiring journey and how God and the Angels have guided her along the path to where she is today, sharing messages from guidance, offering healing and teaching/mentoring. Both Michel Long and Jennifer Taylor (Quantum-Touch CEO) interviewed Carol as she shared her NDE experiences and her journey to Energy Medicine. Listen Now Click Link then visit “Show Archives” and choose “May 31, 2016”.