Training the Metaphysician

 Spiritual Connection • Self-Care • Meditation • Development of a Healer • Techniques





Developing the healer and spiritual growth is an evolutionary process like a flower unfolding its petals. The essence to transform your life always lies within you and it is my passion to assist in unlocking this powerful essence as we embrace the Mind, Body and Spirit activating your Soul’s journey! Embracing the importance of Help from Above, your intuition, self-care and learning from a seasoned mentor and wise women. 
  • Offers introductory to advanced education in the field of Energy Medicine, spiritual growth and embraces health and wellness
  • Empowering and inspiring people to break free from a “safety zone” and step into a more purposeful, powerful; passionate you…a more enlightened you!
  • Mentor spiritual students, practitioners of energy healing modalities, light-workers and mediumship development
  • Offering specific energetic techniques and tools to develop a higher degree of knowledge to enhance your Energy Medicine Healing Practice
  • Deepen skills of awareness and willingness to flow with the situation allows things to happen naturally, with little difficulty or stress


Date: TBA

Title: “Training the Metaphysician”

Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm

Workshop Investment: $149.00 (RSVP & pre-registration is required)

Method of Payment: Check, money order, PayPal (, Cash App or Zelle

Location: TBA

Host & Local Coordinator: Carol Lee, 817-879-7320,

Instructor: Carol Lee, 817-879-7320,


In the last Training, we focused on:

  • Sharing the day with like-minded people
  • Healing Meditation
  • The importance of Self-Care and creating a personal practice
  • Embracing the importance of Help from Above
  • Enhancing your intuition
  • Offering new energetic technique to add to your practice
  • Q & A (Do you have unanswered questions? JUST ASK!)
  • One on One Healing Sessions